The Power of Psychiatric Diagnosis (Video)

What does it mean to internalize a medicalized understanding of one’s identity?  To see one’s emotions as “symptoms” of an “underlying condition”, one’s thoughts as evidence of brain abnormality?  I lived nearly half my life wearing psychiatrized lenses, seeing myself and my experience of the world as manifestations of biochemical pathology.  It’s been three years since I awoke from this belief system and reclaimed my identity from Psychiatry’s medical model of “mental illness”, and I am still in the midst of processing just how profoundly altered I was by the internalization of two words—Bipolar disorder— and the life-long sentence that came along with it.

Rather than write more about the impact that psychiatric diagnosis had on me, I figured I’d talk to my camera and speak from my de-psychiatrized heart about the ramifications of a medicalized understanding of one’s Self.

This is a video from my ‘Recovering from Psychiatry’ series, in which I reflect on the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned on the journey of psychiatric liberation.