What might really be going on when you’re labeled “Mentally ill”?

If you (or someone you love) has been labeled “mentally ill”, odds are one or more of the following is true:

1. You aren’t getting what you need or are getting a hell of a lot of what you *don’t* need (be it emotional, physical, mental, social, environmental, sensory, spiritual, etc.).

2. Something big and painful has happened to you– or slowly, over time, a series of seemingly small “somethings” have accumulated to such a degree that you’ve crossed the tipping point.

3. ‘Boxes’, ‘labels’, ‘definition’, ‘rules’, ‘authority’, ‘convention’, ‘compliance’, and ‘normal’ are all words that make you cringe. You find yourself wanting to shout out “NO!” pretty much every day.

4. You are trapped in a life situation or circumstance that doesn’t feel authentic, meaningful, or purposeful to you, or aligned with who you really are.

5. You don’t know who you really are, and feel hopelessly lost.

6(a). You are awake to the reality of the current social, economic, and political order, but it seems like everyone else around you is fast asleep.

6(b). You see or feel unjust, corrupt, greedy power in seemingly every direction you turn, and don’t know how the hell you can possibly survive participating in it, or where else you could go.

7. You feel lonely, disconnected, or alienated from your fellows.

8. You feel– fuckin’ FEEL– the world and everything in it and it is so much, so big, so overwhelmingly, acutely raw all or much of the time that you don’t know what to do with the experience…

Far from signs of “sickness”, these are manifestations of being fully alive and in touch with oneself and with the state of the world.

It’s time we reclaim our pain and struggle and anger and alienation and fear and loss and despair, and transform the society we live in.

Who’s with me?