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No matter what your professional or personal experience, if you believe in– or are starting to wonder that maybe there could be– life beyond psychiatric labels and psychotropic drugs, I welcome you to Recovering from Psychiatry!

We search, and search, and search for answers to our emotional pain, until we realize they’ve been in us all along– not in psychiatric diagnoses, psychiatric textbooks, pill bottles, or the minds of the doctors we’ve surrendered ourselves to.  At least, this has been my experience.

What does it mean to “recover” from Psychiatry?  For me, it’s meant healing from the physical, emotional, cognitive, and existential trauma of psychiatric labels and psychotropic drugs, which has taken time, patience, acceptance, and unyielding determination.  Most of all, liberating myself from psychiatric oppression has meant reclaiming my voice– and learning how to trust it– as well as my agency, and my sense of responsibility and accountability as a human being.  All of this has been far from easy, but boy, has it been beautiful.

Despite the tremendous struggle it’s been to get off psych drugs and re-enter life as a fully human being, I can say today that I look back on my thirteen years spent as a “Bipolar” patient with gratitude and appreciation, because those experiences of darkness, isolation, marginalization, and hopelessness at the hands of an institution that tried its hardest to “care” for me have taught me many lessons about what a meaningful life is, by showing me what it’s not.  I’ve felt tremendous anger, betrayal, confusion, and fear along the way, as well as sadness and grief, but finding peace with my years in the “mental health” system has been a crucial step– one that certainly didn’t come right away, or without struggle.

This website hosts many of the resources I’ve found helpful throughout my process of awakening and liberation from Psychiatry, for I believe that self-education– and challenging the narratives of those in positions of social, political, and financial power– is critical if one is to make truly informed choices.

If you’d like to learn more about me, check out my story here.

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