Consultation and Support

I offer psychiatric liberation consultation and support for coming off psychiatric drugs, addressing the trauma of psychiatric oppression, and reclaiming your personal narrative from the “mental health” system.

Please contact me at with any questions, or to talk further about the support I provide. I charge $75/hour and use a sliding scale whenever I can to accommodate people’s needs. I ask that folks pay 48 hours in advance of our time together, and give me at least a 24 hour head’s up of cancellation in order to avoid being charged the full amount.

Below is a more detailed description of the consultation and support I provide. Please take some time to read it through and see if it resonates with where you’re at in your life and journey.

*Please note Laura Delano is not a medical, counseling, or otherwise licensed professional.  The contents herein are for informational and support purposes only.  Any information or commentary provided herein is intended to educate individuals on “mental health”-related issues that may affect their daily lives.  Nothing in the information or commentary should be considered or used as medical or clinical advice.


imagesPsychiatric drugs

Are you struggling with the question of whether stay on or come off of psychiatric drugs?  Are you in the midst of withdrawal and feeling totally baffled, terrified, and confused about what’s happening to you?  Are you looking to get more knowledge about psych meds– how they impact your brain and body, and what happens when you come off of them– so that you can make as informed a choice as possible about whether or not to stay on them?  I work with people who are thinking about, in the process of, or already finished with coming off psychiatric drugs and looking for consultation and unconditional, experience-based support of the experience. I do this work with people face-to-face, on the phone, or via Skype. This includes:

  • Emotional support
  • Brainstorming and strategizing for an optimized ‘coming off’ plan
  • Empowerment and voice-building in the doctor-patient relationship
  • Building effective communication with family members and friends around the decision to come off psychiatric drugs
  • Education and resource-building around psychiatric drugs and withdrawal
  • Holistic health
  • Support to not just get off, but to stay off psychiatric drugs


Grieving loss to psychiatric oppression, and finding a IMG_20140629_183720744_HDRmeaningful life beyond psychiatry

I work with people looking to process the intense and often painful emotions and beliefs that come with being labeled and harmed by the mental health system. There can be a meaningful life beyond psychiatry, and I support people to find their own paths to awakening and inner peace. I do this work with people face-to-face, on the phone, or via Skype.


images-1Reclaiming personal narrative– meaning-making, story-telling, liberation

Writing my personal story was one of the most vital decisions I made at the start of my journey out of the mental health system.  It has helped me take back my narrative, make sense of what happened to me on my own terms, and find a sense of inner freedom from a psychiatrized life.  I work with people searching for new personal narratives beyond “mental illness.” This work involves reclaiming one’s personal story of emotional pain, making sense of one’s experiences leading up to psychiatric diagnosis, and gaining agency, independence, and a sense of power over one’s identity narrative to construct a meaningful understanding of one’s experiences beyond psychiatry.  I also offer editing and feedback for people looking to write their personal stories.