Recovering from Psychiatry videos

How I Grieved Fourteen Years Lost to Psychiatry, and Reclaimed Myself

Tips and Some Hope for Those in Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Reflections on Life, Death, and Suicide

The Power of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Life Beyond Psychiatric Labels and Psychotropic Drugs

Videos of Selected Public Talks

2016 Talk at the Mental Heath Summit in Sedona, AZ, sponsored by the Mental Health Coalition of Verde Valley

2015 ‘Recovering Myself: A talk about journeying through the mental health system and coming back to oneself’ in Anchorage, AK sponsored by the Law Project for Psychiatric Rightsasdf

2015 ‘Leaving Behind Labels and Drugs’ Panel at the Driving Us Crazy Film Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden

2014 ‘Reclaiming Humanity: Building a Post-Psychiatry, Post Mental Health World’ talk at the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA


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